About Micronized Minerals

Ok what is a Micronized mineral? It is a mineral (usually zinc oxide and titanium dioxide) that has been “micronized” or reduced to nanoparticles one millionth or one millimeter in size. So is this bad? Mineral makeup has historically contained these minerals, as has sunscreen and other beauty products. But actually, concern has been expressed about these minerals for several years. Dr Andrew Weil advised against using products containing micronized titanium dioxide. In 2007, he stated “Some studies have indicated that when exposed to light, titanium dioxide nanoparticles may prompt formation of free radicals that could damage cells and others have suggested that the tiny particles of this mineral can enter the brain and cause oxidative stress” The truth is, not enough is known about whether or not micronized particles are safe, so it makes sense to me to avoid them I have some product lines on the site – One is Cheeky Cosmetics – that guarantees their products will be free of these minerals. More product lines to come! Happy shopping Karen