Aloe Vera….and what is does for your skin and hair

Aloe Vera….and what is does for your skin and hair

Guest blogger-D.W. Seydel


So just what is aloe vera anyway? Aloe vera is also known as medicinal aloe, as well as lily of the desert, burn plant and elephant’s gall. This is a plant that comes from the genus ‘aloe’ and it is thought that its original use as a medicinal substance dates back over 6,000 years to Sudan. However, it has also been historically used everywhere from India, to Japan to Egypt. As with many of these traditional remedies though, science has now been able to back-up many of the purported health benefits. We now know that this popular panacea is able to lower cholesterol, improve heart health, reduce joint pain and even increase the lifespan.

The best part? Aloe vera can easily be grown indoors and outdoors and that means you can create your own never-ending supply. With that all out of the way, here are just some of the beauty and skin care benefits of aloe vera…

*Heals sunburn and mild burns

*Aids repair of dry skin

*Brightens skin

*Helps with pigment and dark spots

*Helps accelerate hair and lash growth

*Detox properties

*Cleansing and hydrating properties

*Restores Amino Acids