Argan Oil for Hair, Skin & Scalp

Argan oil is cold pressed from the nuts of the argan tree. Its medicinal and cosmetic benefits have been known by native Moroccans, where the tree grows, for centuries. Argan oil is especially rich in Vitamin E, phenols, and essential fatty acids. These are necessary to smooth, nourish, heal, and soften skin.

Normally the main source of these nutrients for the skin is food. By applying products like argan oil directly to the skin you get all the cosmetic benefits without the dietary concerns. And since argan oil is much richer in these nutrients than other oils you also get the benefit more quickly.

Applying argan oil to your face at night will make your skin softer and healthier. Nightly application also eases patches of dryness and redness from scrubbing or irritation.

There are also argan oil treatments for your hair and scalp that will give your scalp the same benefits as the rest of your skin. They will also repair damage to your hair from harsher treatments, like highlighting and coloring. Finally, they protect your hair from the sun, strengthen and soften your hair, and bring on a healthy shine.

One last reason to use products with argan oil is that all most of the argan oil sold today is produced by a women's cooperative that shares the profits among the local women of the Berber tribe. The cooperative has established an ecosystem reforestation project so that the supply of argan oil will not run out and the income that is currently supporting the women will not disappear.

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