Be the NVEY of all Your Friends

Guest blogger – Gabby Davis



Be the envy of all your friends with Nvey Eco Hydrating Lip Lustre Gloss. A dual-purpose color and moisturizer and enriched with organic elements such as coconut, beeswax, honeysuckle, and infused with orange essential oils, this lip gloss will leave your lips feeling soft and refreshed.


Did I mention it’s infused with organic orange essential oil? The scent is invigorating and is like a burst of fresh air when applied to your lips. And let’s not forget the brush. Not too big and not too small, it’s the perfect size and allows you to evenly apply the gloss in one sitting. You don’t even need a mirror; it’s that good!


With eight different shades to choose from, this adorable little lip gloss is guaranteed to be your new BFF! Shop here