Beach Hair - Don't Care

Beach Hair...Don't Care

Guest Blogger-Kala Jerzy



You would be crazy not to take advantage of BogoHair5 promo: buy one, get $5 off the second bottle. (Just enter the code at checkout) There’s plenty of reasons to shop these. Not only are The Good Earth Beauty shampoos and conditioners super healthy for you, but also, they smell exquisite!

I caught myself reapplying the Japanese Cherry Blossom Conditioner perhaps three times the first time I used it. Thanks to the finest organic oils, vegetable based cleansers and antioxidants it left my unruly hair smooth and untangled. It also made a difference for the frizziness caused by the humid New York air.

And the Coconut Lime Shampoo? Don’t even get me started. The scent of coconut paired with a burst of lime makes you feel like you just visited a five-star hotel spa.

Last but not least, Coconut Moisturizing Shampoo makes you want to... eat it! It’s ideal for normal, dry, or dehydrated hair. Whose hair doesn’t need nourishment towards the end of summer? This gentle, creamy shampoo will take care of your hair from the inside-out.

If you’re still unsure which one would be good for you, just get a $2.25 sample and try them all!