Brazilian Book Tour-Travel Must Haves

By Author Carolina Munhoz

April 7,2018


I'm always on the road. Whether on vacation or on book tours since I’m an author.  I have my beauty travel kit prepared with everything I need. For this trip to Brazil and all the events of course I had to have shampoo and conditioner in a good size so is not complicated to pack. I opted for the pumpkin one It is also always good to take a body wash for emergencies and a face mask to use after tiring flights. The strawberry,  apple and banana  had everything I needed to get my skin back to normal. I never travel without lip balms because of air conditioning and climate changes and of course it is always good to have one or at least two lip glosses for those moments in public. I chose 2 different Noyah a neutral color for the daytime events and a warmer one for the parties I’m attending .  My favorite item in my bag is the apple blossom perfume in a small roll on size perfect for packing and tucking into my bag at night, leaving a sweet touch of perfume in the air. With that I am ready for any occasion. The good thing is that all items are all natural, cruelty free and I know I'm taking care of myself through a crazy schedule.

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