Caffeine Soap Bar

May 31, 2018

Guest Blogger Kaci Gregory


The saying wake up and smell the coffee is apropos here.  Literally this soap feels like there is a cup of coffee in the shower.  Caffeine is the most popular and widely used drug in the world. In addition, coffee is the greatest means in which people consume it. Drinking coffee is an American pastime and more than half of men and women drink it each day. If you are one of those caffeine-lovers, then inhale the intoxicating aroma of peppermint and spearmint oils, from Good Earth Beauty’s Caffeine Soap Bar .


Using this soap bar is a convenient change of pace, because while you’re in the shower enjoying the minty aroma, the caffeine is absorbing into your skin. Before applying shower gel, I like to use the Caffeine Soap Bar as a base. This product is invigorating and it will leave your body feeling more energized. Composed of coconut, coffee grinds and organic olive oils, get woke up with this amazing soap bar. Shop here


Buy 4 soap bars and get the 5th one free.  Just use code Freesoap at checkout and tell us in notes what flavor you want free.  Okay to mix and match flavors.