Essential Oil Seasonal Scents - AUTUMN GIFT SET

Guest Blogger-Kala Jerzy



The holidays are here. Whether you’re spending it with your family in the country, or partying it up with your friends in the city, it’s always so nice to have that holiday vibe-scent going on. At first, I was rather skeptical about these super “basic” scents: almond cream, frosted gingerbread, and, naturally, pumpkin chai tea. Then, I tried the almond roller on, and when the wind blew on my face on a chilly November morning suddenly opening the dreamy almond scent clashing with my skin and fresh air, I knew that the holiday season was here. 


After that, I tried all three glorious scents, and loved them all, though admittedly, the almond remained my favorite one. Its scrumptious blend of sweet almonds, sugar cane, vanilla extract and hints of fresh cream will drive you crazy all day long (in a good way!). No wonder it became our November scent of the month!


What about the other two? Pumpkin Chai Tea is a delicious blend of creamy pumpkin, spicy cardamom and sprinkles of sugared cinnamon. Frosted Gingerbread resembles its own name: a spiced gingerbread with creamy buttercream frosting; hints of maple, vanilla and nutmeg round out this holiday treat.


Mod perfumes are highly concentrated (they contain no diluting agents like alcohol or water). These scents are delicate and even slightly moisturizing, totally perfect for the morning start or a late afternoon refresher. For the detailed list of our vegan, organic, cruelty-free and gluten-free perfumes,  Available for a limited time - ONE FOR $18.00 & THREE FOR $32.00 (Whaaaaaaat?!) Three  .35 oz roll on bottles = $66 retail value.