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A favorite brand of mine - wanted to share some of my personal experiences with some of these products:

Glossy locks shampoo and conditioner - ultra moisturzing and nourishing and smells like the beach! I recommend using at every 3 or 4 shampoos - not everytime - as it does contain coconut oil which can weigh down your hair if overused.  Used correctly it is fabulously moisturizing!!

Carrot Facial Scrub - non drying, lightly abrasive - seems to work well on acne even though it is not marketed for this.  Just ask my teenaged son!! Smells wonderful

Powdered Blush - rich, bright colors, long lasting color, one compact lasts a LONG time!

Coffee Bean eye cream - a best seller - I have found this cream to actually reduce puffiness and dark circles after about one week of use, 1X per night.  Avoid rubbing your eyes shortly after use as it does sting a bit if it gets in your eyes. Very effective!

Hope you found some of this information useful :)