Getting Down With Good Earth Beauty

June 28, 2018


Good Earth Beauty is a family owned business that doles out all-natural beauty and bath products. I'm a big fan of natural and organic anything, plus it's always nice to support small businesses who are truly passionate about what they're doing. I've had the chance to try out a variety of their products by way of their beauty boxes.

I recently received a box that was full of lavender scented stuff, such as a candle, bubble bath, and a facial toner. The box also contained an eyeshadow and a lipstick.  I didn't know that I was missing a Lavender Mint soy candle in my life until I got it, but my goodness. If there's one candle to light while you decompress in a bath, it's that one. That plus the Lavender Chamomile Bubble Bath and relaxation really hits a whole new level.

I was really excited about the facial toner

because that's one of those things that I always think I should be using but somehow never remember to try. In this case, it's made with soothing aloe with a lavender scent, as well as ingredients such as carrot oil, grapefruit seed extract, and glycolic acid. Basically, it's going to nourish the skin, fight bacteria, and also encourage a gentle healthy cell turnover to keep the face glowing. I'm in. 

When it comes to the makeup it's crucial to note that this stuff is all natural, which really makes a difference. You've probably heard these statistics thrown around about how much lipstick you swallow in a lifetime, and it's a little frightening. Those types of products are notorious for being filled with junk, and the more we can do to cut down on junk, the better. (In all areas of life really, but lipstick should be one that's a no-brainer.) Hemp Organics lipstick comes in 26 colors.

Another favorite product I have of theirs is their Warm Vanilla Candy hand and body wash . I really appreciate a deliciously scented body wash but I often avoid them because a lot of them are made with strange things. Not this one. The ingredients are right on the bottle and they include things like organic aloe vera (always soothing), rosemary, vitamin E, papaya enzymes, and radish root. (Which apparently is a natural preservative, good to know.) 

Good Earth Beauty is based in New York and can be found on Instagram