I feel like I just showered with whipped cream..........

I feel Like I Just Showered with Whipped Cream

Guest Blogger Kala Jerzy




OKAY, I’m not gonna lie - even though I tried nearly all of the shower whips, I still can’t get over the texture: a mix of creamy soap and silky smooth lather ready to water both your skin and your mouth! Moreover, this all natural shower soap will detoxify and exfoliate your skin leaving your face and body feeling refreshed, clean and moisturized. These shower whips are like nothing you have ever tried before.

Pink Lemonade Shower Whip includes top notes of lemon, orange, and pineapple. With strawberry and lime at its core, concluded with a creamy vanilla base, it’s both a sweet as well refreshing scent. Coconut Lime Shower Whip, bordering on Mojito-flavor, breathes creamy coconut and tangy lime which makes it a great unisex scent. 

My favorite so far has been Chocolate Amour Shower Whip with its seductive and lingering chocolate fragrance: the unsweetened chocolate mixed with vanilla and bitter orange notes. It’s an ideal fragrance for all chocoholics. Hard to believe it’s not edible!

The last two are flower-based whips. Lavender Vanilla Shower Whip with its creamy vanilla scent that intermingles perfectly with sweet French lavender makes a perfectly relaxing and tranquil shower experience. Soap Flower Cart Whip is filled with the delightful and perfectly balanced aromas of blooming tulips, heavenly frangipani, purple hyacinth, exotic orchid, and sweet lily of the valley. Good Earth Beauty products are flavored with all natural flavors and essential oils, never perfumed.  Root vegetables are used to achieve some of the flavor combinations.

You can get a 12 oz. tub for $18 to liven up your shower.  https://www.goodearthbeauty.com/catalog/shower-whips-1.   If you can’t decide which one is for you, try out all five for $4.00 each! (Sample Size - 1 oz jar - enough for 2 uses in the shower https://www.goodearthbeauty.com/shower-whip-scrub-all-natural-sample.)

The perfect gift for that BAE or BFF who you want to give something unique and fun to.