January Moments of Zen

Guest Blogger- Kala Jerzy



Forget about your New Year’s resolution and detox plans. They never really work because you put too much pressure on yourself and expect miraculous results. What you need is consistent self-care and that little bit of loving kindness. I propose my experiential Kala’s relaxation techniques to stay in a moment. You can put your mind at ease while simultaneously taking care of your beautiful, goddess-like body. 


After the first couple of hectic and snowy January weeks, I was already worn out. Nothing made me happier, though than spending a gloomy Friday afternoon, soaking in a bathtub, applying my favorite strawberry, apple, and banana facial mask https://www.goodearthbeauty.com/facial-mask-strawberry-apple-and-banana-...  (that I mixed with milk!) while smelling a slow-burning vanilla candle and listening to relaxing music. 


Good Earth Beauty candles are all natural, soy-based, and made with essential oils. https://www.goodearthbeauty.com/catalog/candles.  I got vanilla, but you can choose from a variety of scents: coconut cream, eucalyptus mint, and lavender mint. An introductory set of three All Natural Soy candles in four ounces jars for $35.00, or a set of two for $24 or just $13.00 each. Whatever you decide to do, I guarantee that the candles last a long time (20 hours burn time) and they will fill your entire space with a delicate fragrance.


The brightening mask with its sources of three fruit combination will benefit your face instantly (yay for immediate gratification!). You will notice that the tone and appearance of your face will be brighter, more radiant, and wonderfully refreshed. Just mix the powdered formula with water (or milk!) and lay down. All you need it 15-20 minutes to transcend. Choose from a four-ounce glass bottle $36 or two-ounce jar for $16.00.


What I encourage you to do is to implement one positive action daily, even if it's as little as lighting that soy-candle or applying a gentle balm to your lips. Believe me; you can accomplish all of that even on a tight budget.