Managing Dry Skin

With winter approaching, many of us anticipate dealing with dry, itchy skin.  It is important to start moisturizing your skin early in the season, BEFORE it becomes too severe and uncomfortable.  A good daily regimen will do wonders to prevent dry skin from becoming unmanageable.  So how do we do this and maintain our busy schedules? Here are a few suggestions:


1.       Start in the shower – Keep hydrating products in the shower.  Avoid harsh soaps and washes – stick to natural sugar scrubs (for moisture and exfoliation), salt scrubs (for dry skin and skin issues such as eczema), and perhaps a shower whip creamy soap or natural unscented bar soap.

2.       After shower – apply a good oil or cream based natural moisturizer to your face.  (I like to alternate between oil and cream based from week to week – it is good for your skin to switch off from time to time)

3.       Feet – I like to use a very heavy lotion on my feet before bed , and then put on socks for a little while to allow it to absorb. 

4.       Hands – apply cream frequently throughout the day.  Hands are my biggest challenge.  I have found the only thing that really helps is to apply cream very often. Use moisturizing hand soap, not harsh, drying soaps.

5.       Trouble spots – use a natural spot cream on problem dry spots – something healing with natural oils, tea tree, and/or eucalyptus oil to name a few.



Recommended products:

Sugar Scrub – Good Earth Beauty


Salt Scrub – Trillium


Soap – Wild bath Shower whip, Good earth beauty charcoal soap


facial moisturizer – good earth beauty face cream, Lumino Botanical Oil


for Hands – 100% pure body butter


for Feet – Max Green Skin Rescue


for trouble spots – moon valley Eczacalm,