May 25, 2018

Guest Blogger Kaci Gregory

If you are humorous, provocative, artistic and fun, then get ready to charm your lips with Noyah’s lip gloss color, Burlesque. This sexy gloss is packed with Vitamin E and it contains natural essential oils to protect and soften the lips. The hue’s in Noyah’s lip gloss collection are very rich and full of sheen. This is crucial to getting that glamorous shine you might be looking for.


In addition, the use for this color is very versatile and it can be worn on many different occasions. Whether you’re going out with friends, painting the town red or you need a little pop to accent a simple yet chic ensemble- this color does wonders. Not to mention, the packaging is impeccable!


Noyah’s Burlesque is one of my go-to products and it can take any look to the next level.