Pacha Whipped Soap-Scrub #naturally helps celebrate the Good Earth Beauty 10-Year Anniversary [Review & Giveaway]



Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Pacha Whipped Soap-Scrub #naturally helps celebrate the Good Earth Beauty 10-Year Anniversary [Review & Giveaway]

We are celebrating Good Earth Beauty's 10-Year Anniversary focusing on some of the fabulous brands offered at their online webstore. Today we're looking at the wonderfully refreshing Pacha French Lavender Whipped Soap Scrub.


We all know that cleanliness is important for healthy living. Not only is it important to have good, clean water, but it is highly important to have quality soap products that help flush away the by-products of living and the environment that causes disease.


Pacha = Purposeful bath products that cultivate prosperity around the world. All natural and cruelty free.


The Pacha Soap company has a mission. That mission is ....


· Support clean water initiatives and hygiene education for healthier communities.

· Create prosperity for others and our Earth by practicing transparent and ethical commerce through our supply  chain.

· Invest in communities and people through skill development and entrepreneurial opportunities to establish self-sustaining commerce.

· Instill confidence, strength and liberate people through economic





Pacha’s Whipped Soap-Scrub is a luxurious soap that cleanses your skin from head to toe.  It gently exfoliates with pumice and organic, fair trade sugar.  Great for use in the shower as a body wash, or foot scrub.  Make Pacha Whipped Soap-Scrub a part of your everyday bath routine!

Your Pacha Soap purchases help fuel clean water initiatives, small-scale soap shops and other sustainable ventures in developing countries! Lavender Essential Oil mixed with nourishing, unrefined shea butter will leave your skin feeling relaxed and refreshed.



My thoughts:  The Whipped Soap + Scrub in French Lavender is absolutely glorious with a beautiful lavender fragrance that doesn't overwhelm. The soap provides a soothing, cleansing wash that is really quite pleasant to the skin and leaves me feeling so clean and refreshed. And the scrub aspect of this product is a very gentle, mild exfoliant that doesn't abuse my skin. Love that it is from organic cane sugar and a bit of pumice and doesn't leave a residue in the bath when finished.

Use a loufa, sponge, or other bath tool or simply your hands.
Apply, watch the lather appear to soften & clean your skin.
Envelope yourself with this natural French Lavender fragrance from essential oils



I found that bathing with this French Lavender Whipped Soap-Scrub absolutely gives me a joyously refreshing experience in my bath that not only am I clean and skin softened, but my emotional being is relaxed and in a way cleansed as well.


Highly, highly recommend!


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1 Full Size Pacha Whipped Soap-Scrub
(Flavor selection by Good Earth Beauty)

Begins March 18

Ends April 14 at 12:01 a.m. EDT

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