Priti NYC Red Nails

Guest blogger – Gabby Davis



What girl doesn’t want to to have ‘holiday red nails’ this year? With the right shade of red polish, you can feel as though you’ll take over the world. Priti polish has so many shades to choose from – you literally cannot go wrong! Find your perfect shade at


The best thing about this polish? One coat does the trick. No need to add a second or third coat. Not to mention it’s non-toxic with almost no odor, and is free from of the five non-toxic ingredients most commonly found in other nail polishes. The bottle is also completely recyclable.


Another great thing? It’s fast drying, chip resistant, non-yellowing, contains a UV inhibitor, and it’s super durable and super glossy. It’s almost as though you’ve given yourself an at home gel manicure without all the fuss.