Sage: It’s Good for Cleansing the Soul, Too

Guest blogger – Gabby Davis



Sage has long been used to purify living areas, ceremonial spaces, and healing rooms, so it would make sense to bottle those same essences in a lotion as well. Medicine Flower has put together a blend of traditional purifying herbs such as White Sage and Cedar into a luxurious, purifying body lotion. Try some of the other sacred sage items here


They’ve also incorporated skin loving ingredients such as shea butter, coconut oil, jojoba oil, and beeswax so that your skin is soft and moisturized, while also purified.


Sage has many anti-aging benefits, such as providing protection against free radicals that can be found floating in the air, both inside and out. It’s also a great toner for oily skin, and can treat a variety of other skin problems as well such as curing acne, or relieving symptoms of eczema and psoriasis, which tends to get worse in the winter.


It also makes for a great stress reliever and a calming effect reminding me of the outdoors. I’ve used mine on my elbows which tend to be especially dry in the winter, but I’ve also left it with the lid off on my nightstand for a calm, soothing aroma as I go to bed.