Shades of Blue: Blue Eyeshadow Is 2018’s Newest Trend

August 23, 2018

Guest blogger – Gabby Davis


The 90s gave us a lot of great things: Backstreet Boys, N’Sync, slinkies, scrunchies, Polly Pockets, and some not so great things, including blue eyeshadow. Whenever we think about 90s trends that should stay in the 90s, it always comes back to the blue eyeshadow. It’s bright and bold, and when done correctly, it can look fantastic. When not done so correctly… it can be an absolute disaster.

It seems 2018 has decided to make itself the year of blue eyeshadow, and according to celebrity makeup artist Nick Barose, ( the key to wearing blue eyeshadow is to just go for it. “It’s not the kind of color you wear and be shy about,” he says. “You’re wearing it to get noticed.” But the most important thing to remember when wearing blue eyeshadow is to make it look real! Otherwise you’ll end up like you’re wearing costume makeup.

Thankfully in today’s world of makeup though, there isn’t just ONE shade of blue to choose from. You have your dark blues, light blues, silver blues, and your metallics. Good Earth Beauty carries 7 different brands, each offering 14 shades of blue. Brands include Nvey Eco Organic, Cheeky by Cheeky Cosmetics, 100% Pure, Gariel Cosmetics and Zuzu Luxe, Good Earth Beauty exclusives, Beauty Without Cruelty, Pure Anada, etc.  And the good news is blue showed up again on the runways of NYFW.  So it’s not a fad.

Each brand is made with a lush, mineral powder formula that goes on smoothly and won’t crease or crack, and you also won’t find it on your cheeks at the end of the night! Each brand is also 100% cruelty free.  Browse here