Spa Night w/Kala #2

Guest Blogger-Kala Jerzy



December... The month of holiday parties, Chanukah, Christmas, New Year’s, gifts, a gathering of family and friends, but also... WORK. Arguably, December is the busiest month of the year for most people (it certainly has been for me!) and with all these responsibilities, it can be tough to look good at the numerous parties one needs to make an appearance at. Not only is it cost ineffective, but most of all, it is time-consuming to try schedule all these beauty appointments, be it facial, mani, pedi, or massage. As such, the DIY person that I strive to be, I propose the Second Spa Night with moi! All you really need is a good scrub. After that you can do whatever you want in terms of moisturizing, but just bear with me for the scrubbing. 


Number one product, which I used in a couple of ways, is Shea Terra 2:1 Argan & Olive Nourishing Menthe-Tea Vanilla   It’s both a cream and a scrub. I recommend a wooden brush to really get in and get rid of all this dead skin cells, but rubbing it in with your fingertips works just as fine. Scented with Moroccan peppermint and all vanilla, this anti-aging miracle will leave your skin as soft as a little baby’s (virgin olive oil and argan oil both contain a high amount of anti-aging squalene which will keep your skin moist and plump, and so very delicious! And $16 is not that much for the luxury and youth this product encompasses. 


The second scrub I highly recommend to feel good before one of those fancy holiday parties you’ll be attending is Exfoliating Sugar Scrub Fresh Rain Body Scrub from Good Earth Beauty  This natural sugar scrub gently exfoliates dead skin and boosts circulation by increasing blood flow to the skin's surface. This unique, whipped body buffer is a blend of organic cane sugar, fresh pressed oils, a luxurious blend of butters and essential oils. Wonderful as a body scrub, I used it mostly as a foot and hand scrub. The result is exfoliated natural silky soft smooth skin! Oh and of course, just like any Good Earth Beauty product, Fresh Rain Sugar Scrub’s scent is the the smell of morning dew - fresh & clean!


To top your scrubby night in, get your own lip scrub, too! Read about the strawberry, vanilla, and my favorite chocolate flavors here


Enjoy and share with us your version of a spa night!