Summer Showers

Summer Showers

Guest blogger Kala Jerzy


Mint Mojito Hair and Body Wash is so fresh that my boyfriend literally grabbed it from my hands while we were showering together (part of our weekend ritual, I know...).

The luxuriating citrus lime scent not only reminded us of a delicious cocktail of the same name but also, with the aid of spearmint and peppermint, helped transform a hot summer day shower into a cooling and rejuvenating experience. What’s also remarkable about this product is that it can be used for both hair and body, so if you’re traveling, you can easily just pack one bottle and share it with friends across a variety of sexes and genders.

Like all of Good Earth Body cruelty free products, Mint Mojito  consists of organic oils and vitamin enriched vegetable based cleaners, leaving your skin moist, soft, and worry-free.

Did I mention that it’s handmade in the USA, too?