The Perfect Stocking Stuffer

Guest Blogger – Gabby Davis


I consider myself to be a pretty good gift giver, but have you ever had a friend or co-worker or significant other whom you had absolutely no idea what to get them? When this happens, I usually reach for the staple items: stocking stuffers. Easy things like candy, jewelry, make-up…perfume.

Perfume is always a great choice, and with 11 amazing scents to choose from, consider Good Earth Beauty’s roll-on perfume as a gift this year. They are organic, cruelty free, gluten free, and completely vegan. The ingredients are all natural, with things like organic jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, pure essential oils and natural fragrance oils.

The biggest benefit of a roll-on perfume is that you can put the scent exactly where you want it, and with these adorable little guys, one swipe does the trick! It’s long lasting, so there’s no need for an extra spritz. And these bottles are just the right size to be taken on the go or tucked away in your top desk drawer at work.

What will be your go to signature scent this year? Warm vanilla candy? Chocolate amour? A day at the beach perhaps? Find your signature scent today!