What is the Green Products Alliance?

Mon, 07/20/2009 - 13:01 -- karen

July 20, 2009 - You might have noticed when browsing this site that some of the products carry the “Green Products Alliance” seal. So what does this mean exactly?

The Green Products Alliance is a consortium of manufacturers and marketers who make and sell extraordinarily natural personal care products. Member companies work together to lower raw material, marketing, advertising and public relations costs through co-operative projects and group buying power. All products are subjected to a rigorous set of standards as to what is considered natural.

A full list of member companies is available on their website – www.greenproductsalliance.com.

Here is a copy of the organization’s code of ethics:

We Pledge to conduct our business with the goals of Sustainability in mind. Sustainable business, sustainable ecology, sustainable society. And further:

Not to use hazardous chemicals in our formulas

Not to use petrochemical derived ingredients

To use organic and natural raw materials wherever possible

To avoid FD&C and Lake Colors, artificial fragrances, Triclosan and EDTA

To work toward developing and implementing safer preservation systems

Not to test our products or ingredient precursors on animals

Not to use animal products or by products that required harm or death to the animal in it's manufacture.

To practice Fair Trade, as it is generally understood today

To practice Fair Business Practices including fair treatment of employees

To use recycled or reusable materials for packaging

To practice energy efficiency and to work at minimizing energy consumption

To minimize waste in our production processes and in our end product

To give back to our communities and to be an example of Capitalism with a Conscience

I hope this information helps you to make responsible choices!