Whole Foods, Organic Sales and the OCA

I love Whole Foods – I know there is a lot of controversy surrounding a lot of the products they sell, but for a large company I feel they really try to maintain strong ethics. Last week, Whole Foods Market announced it was launching a new “healthy eating” initiative with a greater emphasis on organics. Apparently, this decision was influenced by the OCA (Organic Consumers Association) applying pressure and encouraging consumers to e mail Whole Foods regarding this concern. Whatever the reason for this announcement, it is a great step forward. According to the OCA, Whole Foods current sales consist of about 1/3 certified organics products. The OCA would like to see this increased to 2/3! Sounds ambitious, but more power to them! While I will continue to support small local businesses and farmers markets, Whole Foods will remain an integral part of my weekly food budget! Health and Happiness Karen