Winter Makeup Refresh (just in time for Valentine’s Day)

Guest Blogger- Kala Jerzy



All right, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Whether you want to beautify yourself or buy something beautiful for your beautiful Valentine, you have to get on it. There’s still time, but just like with love, there can never be enough of that! Also, if that weren’t obvious already, here is my full disclosure: the makeup products listed below are ALL NATURAL!


My number one recommendation for a makeup refresher during this harsh winter is a highlighter by Vapour Organics. It doesn’t matter if you identify yourself as male, female, or are non-gender specific, and regardless of your skin color, I guarantee, Vapour Organic Beauty Trick Stick Highlighter (Star 703) will look dope on you, making you flow from the inside out. It accentuates your cheekbones, cupid’s bow, and brows with this shimmering organic highlighter.


And to pair that wonder of wonders, check out the Concealer Illusionist, also by Vapour. Illusionist perfects the skin’s trouble spots. It covers dark circles and blemishes effortlessly and blends beautifully. Illusionist has a high pigment load for areas that need extra coverage. It won’t deposit in lines and does not clog pores. Illusionist’s light touch instantly gives the skin a healthier and more even appearance.


Let’s get adequately started with our makeup application though. I propose to do it with the Gabriel Cosmetics a brand that I just discovered but so far I am enjoying the results and the compliments too.


The moment I applied Gabriel’s Moisturizing Liquid Foundation, I started getting compliments left and right. It may seem like a regular foundation, but don’t be fooled. This light creamy texture foundation evens out skin tone and gives it a silky, natural finish. Its unique plant-based hydration system keeps skin supplied and resilient, but not oily. It also provides excellent coverage for all skin types and is especially advantageous to dry, sensitive complexions (and which complexion isn’t dry in the winter?). At the same time, formulated with vitamins A and E as well as a chemical free full spectrum sunscreen shields skin from damaging ultraviolet rays. SPF 18 1oz/30ml


I still can’t get over the fact that Gabriel’s Mascara originated from natural plant waxes and vitamins for healthy lashes and their conditioning and protection. It also has a gentle and non-irritating formula with vitamin B-5 to lengthen and thicken lashes without clumping or smudging. Its specially designed brush expertly defines, separates and creates maximum volume. I got a Black/Brown mascara which compliments my blue eyes, but it comes in Black, too! .25 oz


In my order of makeup, lips come last. And as much as I appreciate the way my Mom did it in the 90s - perfectly countered lips with a lipstick and a gloss on top - I just love to use a lip crayon as a lipstick. It stays on longer that way. I’m obsessed with Gabriel’s Berry All Natural Lip Liner. This super smooth pencil guarantees a precise, clean finish and correct shape without pulling or smudging.  Formulated to prevent lip color from feathering and fading, it comes in multiple color options: Berry, Chesnut, Mahogany, Nutmeg, Red, Spice, Wine  .04oz/1.13g