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Body Nectar Spray - Pink Guava Pomegranate Oil

SheaTerra Organics

Body Nectar Spray - Pink Guava Pomegranate Oil

Body Nectar Spray - Pink Guava Pomegranate Oil

Shea Terra's Body Nectar Sprays provide hours of natural moisturization. Shea butter oil works at cellular level to plump skin cells and forms an anti-aging barrier against moisture loss. Rare African herbs tone skin while encouraging healthy new cell growth. A cocktail of age-defying compounds, pomegranates have been sought after for beauty regimens for thousands of years. Pomegranate seed oil's essential fatty acids, punicic acid and potent anti-oxidant power fights against wrinkle causing free radicals, effectively toning and replenishing skin. Pomegranate oil also contains ellagic tannin, which has a powerful antioxidant effect on the skin that is two to three times higher than grape seed and green tea. Ellagic tanin is also known to boost collagen production and help condense the cells, which causes a firming and toning effect.


8 oz

Made by SheaTerra Organics


Shea oil, pomegranate seed oil, natural fruit extracts, unfermented rooibos tea, kigelli, African potato, buchu leaf

Price: $22.00
SheaTerra Organics

all natural products contain rare and indigenous ingredients that compliment the benefits of shea butter. therapeutic and sustainable!

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