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PERSONAL STYLE, BEAUTY AND LIFESTYLE BLOG  FALL MAKEUP MUST-HAVES Blogger Olivia Capone Myers September 26, 2017 If you're anything like me, Fall is your favorite time of year! Cool weather, fresh fashion and new makeup finds are a just a few of the reasons I love transitioning into the fall season. After a summer of a golden glow and bright lipstick, I'm ready for a change. I'm opting for a nude...
Aloe Vera….and what is does for your skin and hair Guest blogger-D.W. Seydel 9-4-17 So just what is aloe vera anyway? Aloe vera is also known as medicinal aloe, as well as lily of the desert, burn plant and elephant’s gall. This is a plant that comes from the genus ‘aloe’ and it is thought that its original use as a medicinal substance dates back over 6,000 years to Sudan. However, it has also...
It's not over yet.....Summer that isGuest blogger D. W. Seydel 9/2/17 While this is the official last weekend of summer we made a list of 12 things to do before Autumn arrives, the kids go back to school and NYFW comes to town.  1-Walk on the beach now that the crowds are gone 2-Squeeze in one more Yoga at the beach class 3-Drink rose on a roof top 4-Paint your nails that orange you wanted...
Summer Showers Guest blogger Kala Jerzy 8/30/17 Mint Mojito Hair and Body Wash is so fresh that my boyfriend literally grabbed it from my hands while we were showering together (part of our weekend ritual, I know...). The luxuriating citrus lime scent not only reminded us of a delicious cocktail of the same name but also, with the aid of spearmint and peppermint, helped transform a hot summer day...
guest blogger Kala Jerzy 8/13/17 To my delight, I had an opportunity to try four (not one, but FOUR!) super organic and lovely 4.5 oz bar soaps from Good Earth Beauty. I tried them and used them all, one by one, annoyed that my boyfriend loved them as much as I did. Chocolate Espresso Moisturizing Soap
SUMMER FRESH SKIN FACIAL TONER MIST - ALOE & LAVENDER ANTI OXIDANT guest blogger Kala Jerzy 8/10/17   Without question, this toner is a game changer in the world of toners. It also has changed my world for I haven’t used any toners since my teenage years. And now?  I couldn’t live without it. Alcohol-free Good Earth Beauty Aloe & Lavender Toner
Beach Hair...Don't Care Guest Blogger-Kala Jerzy 8-9-17 BogoHair 5 Promo: SHAMPOOS & CONDITIONERS You would be crazy not to take advantage of BogoHair5 promo: buy one, get $5 off the second bottle. (Just enter the code at checkout) There’s plenty of reasons to shop these. Not only are The Good Earth Beauty shampoos and conditioners super healthy for you, but also, they smell exquisite! I...
  A DAY AT THE BEACH Guest blogger Kala Jerzy 7-24-17   When I was a teenage girl (about half my life ago...!), every summer my high school best friend used to travel to Europe to visit her relatives. And, every time she was there, she came back smelling like a sweet summer day. I loved the scent so much. Sometimes, she would share it with me, and one time, she even brought me a bottle. It was...
With winter approaching, many of us anticipate dealing with dry, itchy skin.  It is important to start moisturizing your skin early in the season, BEFORE it becomes too severe and uncomfortable.  A good daily regimen will do wonders to prevent dry skin from becoming unmanageable.  So how do we do this and maintain our busy schedules? Here are a few suggestions:   1.       Start in the shower –...
Nutrition is an important interest of mine, and I have been reading and researching new trends and topics for years.  I would like to share with my visitors a condensed version of what I have learned, and I have broken it down into a top ten list of steps to take for a healthier diet. I know the amount of information out there can be overwhelming.  In reality, it is not that complicated.  I am...



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