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Moisturizer Organic Restorative Skin Emollient Night Cream


Moisturizer Organic Restorative Skin Emollient Night Cream

Moisturizer Organic Restorative Skin Emollient Night Cream

This all-natural emollient is a luxurious blend of nutrient rich organic oils specifically chosen for their capabilities to enhance the skin's restorative cycles. They are most effective when used while sleeping, but will rejuvenate the skin any time of the day. Coconut oil is known for its ability to prevent liver spots from developing and may reduce those that you have had for years. Easily absorbed by the skin due to its small molecular structure. Jojoba oil is chemically closest to the sebum oil the skin produces naturally, making it one of the most permeable oils. It helps minimize wrinkles and other fine lines. Castor bean oil has a long history of impressive skin and body benefits. It stimulates increased lymph flow flushing toxins from the system. An effective treatment for blemishes and acne, skin will look and feel better when it is applied. Apply liberally to warm moist skin. Can be used during the day for those willing to tolerate a bit of shine like the French do.


3.5 oz

Made by Lumino


Organic coconut oil, organic golden jojoba oil, organic castor bean oil, pure essential oils of ylang ylang, and natural vitamin E oil. (VEGAN)

Price: $19.00

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