About Good Earth Beauty

Hi, I’m Karen, the founder of Good Earth Beauty, a family owned business.

I wanted to create a site that people could shop with a clear conscience. All of the products we carry are natural and/or organic, and all products are not tested on animals. The no animal testing feature was important to me – I am a big animal lover, and there are so many alternatives to animal testing out there, and so many companies that no longer engage in this practice. Let’s support those companies! I have also tried to feature some smaller, “down home” type companies that you won’t find everywhere else. It’s great to lend support to some small, family owned companies with unique, quality products! Many of these items are also made in the USA.

My daughter Madi has always battled with sensitive skin and eczema. When she was 10, her eczema became really bad, and this was one of the factors that led to my quest for natural, better quality products. When I discovered what was in some of the lotions I was using on her I was truly shocked! Now we use many of the products featured on this site (Moon Valley Organics Lotion Bar and eczasalve are wonderful on eczema, as is Resting in the River’s Body Butter and Trillium Salt scrubs). Gradually, we switched over to all natural beauty and bath products and it made a world of difference!

The natural nail polish is amazing! I never knew nail polish didn’t have to smell so bad until I did research for this site. Even my cat is not offended by it!

The company is run by myself and 2 employees. You can expect personalized service and lots of attention to detail. E mails come to me directly, and your happiness and satisfaction is guaranteed.

Health and happiness to all......