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Tooth Polish Powder


Tooth Polish Powder

Tooth Polish Powder

Tthe benefits of adding just a few seconds to your brushing routine will amaze you. Imperative if you whiten your teeth.   Whitening removes stains but leaves the cracks in the enamel visible, open, and exposed.  Some of these cracks are quickly re-mineralized by saliva, while others refill with organic debris allowing brownish-yellow stains to appear.

To encourage a more thorough re-mineralization of the teeth we have combined Montmorillonite clay and organic food grade diatomite minerals.

How to Use

Apply toothpaste to brush, sprinkle with tooth polish powder.   Add water before brushing.

How many applications

Each 1.5 ounce jar contains 25 to 40 applications.

What to expect

This slightly abrasive polish strengthens the teeth and prevents debris from lodging in cracked tooth enamel.

Clay is an alkalizing agent with a pH of 9.7.   Diatomite minerals have neutral to alkaline pH levels.

An alkaline pH level in the mouth inhibits bacterial growth, reducing plaque, the primary cause of periodontal disease.

Each box includes an insert with more information and a mail in rebate coupon.   Each jar comes with a personal spatula.


Made by Lumino


Montmorillonite bentonite calcium clay, organic food grade diatomite minerals. (VEGAN)

Price: $14.50

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