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Wellness Oil Appetite Control

Nature's Inventory Wellness Oils

Wellness Oil Appetite Control

Wellness Oil Appetite Control
Losing weight can be tough when you’re hungry. Luckily the essential oils in this blend are known to decrease the appetite and curb cravings.

Just apply this oil to the wrists throughout the day to keep on track you’re your weight loss. Now it will be easier to say no to that sweet tooth and fit into your “skinny” jeans again.

In clinical studies, the essential oils in this blend have helped to tell the mind that you are satisfied.  They quiet hunger pains brought on by stress, emotional eating, & boredom.  Patients in the study report that they were able to go longer between meals and eat a more sensible diet.  They also reported weight loss as a result of eating less.


Made by Nature's Inventory Wellness Oils

organic jojoba oil, organic eucalyptus essential oil, grapefruit essential oil, & patchouli essential oil.


Price: $13.50
Nature's Inventory Wellness Oils

All Wellness Oils are specially formulated topical oils designed to address physical and emotional needs. There are oil for women, men, children, babies, and, even animals  - something for everyone!  All Wellness Oils are a blend of various essential oils blended in a base of organic jojoba oil...

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