Canine Calm balm for Dogs

Canine Calm balm for Dogs

Canine Calm balm for Dogs

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Because over 10 million pets in the United States suffer from separation anxiety, resulting in inappropriate, unwanted, pet behaviors. This anti-anxiety formula may be the first step toward alleviating apprehension and ensuring a healthier, happier pet.

Other situations that may require immedite temporary calming relief to soothe and calm your dog and restore tranquility include:

  • Visits to the vet or groomer
  • Loud noises (thunderstorms, fireworks, etc.)
  • Shock or trauma
  • Adapting to the loss of a companion
  • Adjusting to new surroundings
  • Stress due to a new pet in the home

Canine Calm Balm is an all-natural organic product, created from herbs proven to have a calming effect on dogs. It is highly effective, completely safe, and does not result in lethargy or mental confusion. Free of side effects and safe for long term use.

Easy to use: Just apply a small amount to your dog's muzzle and under his/her nose. Dogs enjoy a little rubbed on a towel or favorite toy.

1 oz

Made by Lumino

Ingredients: Minera Dead Sea Salts, Epsom salts, organic diatomite minerals, bentonite clay, bicarbonate of soda, and pure lavender essential oil

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Canine Calm balm for Dogs
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